Pioneer People Wirral

We are a church with a commitment to being good news to our local community and to communities in the developing world.  We believe that Jesus makes a significant difference in people's lives and people can make a significant difference if they are encouraged, supported and equipped. We want the expression of our Christian faith, both individually and corporately, to be practical, relevant, accessible and vibrant.

We enjoy working with other local churches and like them we want to make a positive contribution to the area we live in.

The way we do things is a little different from some of the other local churches but we believe this brings extra diversity to the existing spectrum of ways to encounter God.

Some of the key things that we believe are:

· God loves you, unconditionally and unreservedly.

· You can actually know God for yourself and have a living relationship with Him.

· Jesus is the sure and certain way of knowing God for ourselves.

· Jesus can radically transform any life or situation.

· God shows Himself to us through the Bible and by speaking to us directly.

· The church is part of God's plan for creating a strong and loving community.

Aspiration Trust

Pioneer People Wirral works closely with The Aspiration Trust, another local charity.  Please click here to view their website. We have seconded our member of staff to help with the development of Aspiration Trust's buildings and land, and we share trustees.



Name: Steve Humphreys
Role: Chair and Health & Safety

Name: Andrea Simpson
Role: Child Protection

Name: Clive Dyke
Role: Treasurer

Name: Martin Dickson
Role: General Trustee

Name: Rev. Peter Cooper
Role: General Trustee


Pioneer Network

Pioneer People Wirral have been a part of the Pioneer network of Churches since 1996. Pioneer is a network of Churches and Christian ministries that share a commitment to common values whilst embracing diversity. Please click here to view their website.

Pioneer People Wirral are also committed to working in partnership with numerous other Churches, Christian ministries, community organisations and community activists and funding bodies.


Pioneer People Wirral are a UK registered charity 1095310 and a Limited Company 4592550.

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